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Combining Over 25 Years Of Knowledge, Integrity & Passion

My name is Richard Prokopanko, founder of
P. Richards Inc. As a professional consultant with a lifetime of practical experience in the natural resource sector, I will add value to your opportunities with my strategic and sage counsel in the areas of government affairs, business advocacy, and engagement with First Nations and communities.




“In my professional career, I have engaged with global corporations, governments at the provincial national and international level, and a diversity of rural and urban communities.”

With excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a deep appreciation of how government functions at all levels, and a commitment to effective and efficient service, P. Richards Inc. will create value with thoughtful advice, guidance, and strategic counsel on your challenges and opportunities.


Resource Management Opportunities

With a diversity of natural resource experience including the mining and forestry industries, Richard Prokopanko can work independently or on a team to identify, assess and evaluate a critical situation and to quickly develop a strategic,
cost-effective approach to reach your organization’s goals.

P.Richards Inc. is an independent consulting firm that can advise clients and execute action plans on a wide range of natural resource management and related issues.


Government Affairs and
Building Business Association Relationships

Richard Prokopanko’s extensive work experience at both the provincial and federal level and at senior positions within Departmental and Ministerial offices has set a solid foundation to develop and execute solutions to challenging government and political issues.

P. Richards Inc. is dedicated to balancing the interests and needs of the client, regulatory agencies, and relevant stakeholders while fostering and strengthening long-term relationships with the client’s best interests in mind.


First Nations &
Community Engagement

Decades of working with First Nations and communities has provided Richard Prokopanko with a deep knowledge, respect, and appreciation of how to secure a positive, productive, and sustainable resolution to difficult situations.

P.Richards Inc. s dedicated to developing long-term relationships within the private sector, government, communities and First Nations.


Expertise and Talents

25+ years experience, open-minded, quick thinking, multi-tasker. Analytic with great attention to detail. Knowledgeable of BC business and resource sector and of First Nations land and resource issues

Able to assess various environments and forecasts trends. Thoughtful, intelligent, conceptual, focussed. Skillfully manages significant changes in policy directions. Results driven – from start to finish

Competency in both oral and written communication, personable, tolerant, honest, confident, and assertive. Well-known and respected in the business and natural resources sector, socially and corporately responsible, high degree of integrity

Superior organizer; comprehensive, detailed, concise and practical; excels at challenges and optimizing opportunities; strives to make plans work on time and under budget



Resource oriented companies operating within large and small communities: Alcan, Rio Tinto, West Fraser, Westar Timber, and Weyerhaeuser. Corporate Affairs, Business Planning, Sustainability. Reporting to various levels including President and Vice Presiden

Public Sector
Senior provincial and federal political and policy positions: Federal Forest Ministry, Natural Resource Canada, National Revenue, Sport Canada, BC Ministry of Forests, Parliament Hill and BC Legislative Assembly. Minister/Deputy Minister’s Office and Parliamentary Affairs Office.

Participated in national and international delegations to Japan, China, France

Founded a private forest consulting company in BC. Established the business strategy, financial plan, human resource capacity and organization of a technical forest management company.



Mining Association of British Columbia – Chair (2012-2014)/ Business Council of BC | Business Council of BC - Executive Member - Chair of the Membership Ctte. | BC Chamber of Commerce - Board Member. | 2010 Olympic Winter Games (Bid Committee) V-President Corporate Affairs 2010. | Olympics - Volunteer - Men’s Alpine events.

| Federal government team member to enact the Canadian Forest Act the Canadian Forest Act.

| Policy Coordinator for Canadian's first national federal forest sustainability report.

| Developed and implemented annual business plan to guide Corporate Affairs for Alcan-BC (1998-2007)

| Enhanced Rio Tinto Alcan’s internal and external corporate reputation within BC.

| Established and fostered productive and mutually beneficial working relationships with First Nations communities. Established two first-ever protocol agreements between Alcan and BC First Nations.

| Led efforts to prepare Alcan’s first-ever Corporate Sustainability Report

| Managed Alcan’s Community Investment (Corporate Giving) Program


What Can P. Richards Do For You?

P.Richards can provide Advice, Support and Strategic Counsel on your business challenges and opportunities

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Combining Over 25 Years Of Knowledge, Integrity & Passion

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